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HELP w/ Marketing Technology, LLC (aka, HELP)

When you hire HELP w/ Marketing Technology, LLC, we take full responsibility for the speed to market, accuracy and results produced from the Marketing and Sales Ecosystems that we help you design. At each Process Step, we guide your organization through developing your choice of a ... Co-Managed, Completely In-House or Fully Outsourced, Customer Insights and Lead Generation Information System.

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STRATEGYIn this Digital-age of Commerce, the successful command and interaction of these ten Strategy Groups define the new competitive advantage in business.

TECHNOLOGYDoes the prospect of generating 50% more Sales-Ready Leads at a 33% lower Cost Per Lead appeal to you?  Source: Act-On Marketing Automation Software

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PEOPLE Inbound is the new direction of Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and the most certain path to achieving Brand Loyalty from today's Always Connected Consumer.

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PROCESSESLike the layers of a Blueprint specifying the measurements, materials and construction  of a Building. HELP considers the steps detailed within its "Process Phases" as essential to a well-designed Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystem.



HELP w/ Marketing Technology designs its Marketing Technology Ecosystems within the context of our clients existing capabilities, information systems and culture. Through nearly a dozen individual areas of exploration we lead a mutual fact-finding process which maps out the geography that your business operates within.

This Evaluation Methodology we that begin our client engagements with is one of the key differentiating factors in the level of success HELP achieves for our clients.



As the plan phase begins, the broad-brush goals and client requirements that were determined during the evaluation stage are applied to multiple layers of the Ecosystem Blueprint framework. The capabilities for the ecosystem to produce results are quantified through a series of calculations focusing in on Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). HELP’s clients also have a chance to evaluate the wide-range of available technology applications and explore the rapidly changing marketing opportunities within the social media channels.

HELP w/ Marketing Technology’s Process-Step Methodology includes up to three “Mid-stage” opt-out checkpoints before the client needs to make any long-term financial commitments to their Ecosystem’s operating costs.



The Design Phase lays out the mission critical systems that are driving by Strategy, Technology, People and Processes. Budgets and Work Documents are established for an average of Ten different Ecosystem Strategy Groups fitted to each client's needs. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) spell-out who is going to do what and what results are expected from each resource. The Technology Tool-Kit and Data Integration steps that will be present at launch are finalized. Much like the Blueprint that details the construction of a building, the first three phases of HELP’s Process-Step Methodology concludes with the production of a complete set of Ecosystem Blueprints for the Client’s review, approval and use.

All this preparatory effort results in the delivery of a Marketing and Sales Ecosystem that launches on-time, within budget and ready to perform as promised.



HELP w/ Marketing Technology over-engineers its planning Process-Steps and Phases to be able to endure the complexities of combining People, Technologies, Processes and Strategies into an interdependent collection of code, data and human interactions during the Build and Use Phases. HELP’s approach to building a Marketing and Sales Information System focuses on constructing Strategy and Process to extract the greatest value from the available budget, staff resources and the selected Technology capabilities. 

Another differentiating factor in selecting HELP for your Ecosystem Planning, Design, Construction and Management is that we become your single-source point of contact for any aspect of the performance or shortcomings for the information system we commit to Build for you.



We view the Use phase as multiple stages of learning within this phase, with the goal of meeting the Client’s “Blueprint Performance Specs” for the Ecosystem regardless of the selected staffing structure. It's a time in HELP’s Process-Step progression that deadlines take a backseat to proper understanding, use and consistency of technology operation. Having been there before as Ecosystem Students and Leaders helps us, help your team to be prepared for the learning curve, collaborative troubleshooting and fine tuning tasks inhairent to launching a system with so many stakeholders and moving parts. HELP’s focus on Structured Staff Preparation before launch offsets the counterproductive effects that can lead to Ecosystem Collapse Syndrome (ECS) during the first few months of use and signal an uncertain fate for the needed synergies.

The goal of the Use Phase within HELP’s Launch Phase Methodology is about doing things right the first time, in smarter and more efficient ways so confidence is gained, in both the value across the Organization and from the Ecosystem’s full range of capabilities.



Don’t Bite off more than you can chew; is one of the great lessons of Dining and Marketing Technology we have learned over the years.

Throughout HELP’s entire process all ideas for Ecosystem Enhancements are considered and planned for without any additional cost to the client. Some ideas come from normal Ecosystem usage monitoring and others are generated during Facilitated Meetings with the stakeholders. At the end of your Design Phase we ask clients to draw a line at the vision scope for the first phase of their Ecosystem’s and concentrate on creating the best possible early-stage implementation of Strategy, Technology, People and Processes. After that we are only limited by imagination, budget and what is possible and makes ROI sense.

= RESULTS.HELP w/ Marketing Technology delivers results by helping you build new capabilities to reach your best Prospects with engaging Content promoted within the Marketing and Sales Leads' preferred Internet Information Channels to grow new and more long-term Customers, much more effectively!



  • Access to a complete Digital, Inbound, Content Marketing Team
  • Salesforce CRM Development
  • Hubspot Planning and Management
  • Organic and Paid (PPC) Search and (SEM) Display Marketing
  • Dynamic Web Content Design and Creation
  • Contact Data, Integrations Management and Cleansing
  • eCommerce

Facilitated Activities:

  • Proven Digital Marketing Transformation Planning
  • Inventory of Client’s Existing Brand, Marketing, Sales, Technology, HR and Data Assets
  • Key Client Persona Development with Keywords & Triggers
  • Proprietary Budget Discovery and Planning Process
  • Buyer Journey Research, Mapping
  • Marketing Automation and Sales Strategy Planning
  • System Training, Documentation and Knowledge-Base Creation

Project Management:

  • Six Phase / Ten Layer Strategy Planning
  • Complete Project Timeline, Due-Dates and Budget Oversight
  • Holistic Ecosystem Creation Process-Step Methodology
  • Client Specific Cloud-Based Templates and Work Documents
  • Alignment of Sales, Marketing and other Stakeholder Requirements and Goals
  • Skill Testing and Resource Planning

Design - Build Deliverables:

  • Revenue: Effective Marketing and Sales level Lead Generation
  • Brand: Content Created to Match Sales-Stage and Channel-Type
  • User Experience: Call-To-Actions and Conversion Paths from Awareness to Purchase and to Reward Brand Loyalty
  • Technology:
    App Selection, Configuration and Training / Management
  • Social Media: Development & Management
  • Speed & Accuracy to Market: Client Ecosystem + Blueprint Design

Managed Services For-Hire:

  • 100% or Hybrid Outsourced Digital Marketing & Sales Operations
  • Marketing & Advertising Creative Services
  • Lead to Customer Relationship Management
  • Enhanced Dashboards, Reporting and Analytics Design
  • Next Steps Strategic Planning
  • System User Monitoring for Use and Adoption
  • Workflow Scripting, Programming and Application Design
  • Upgrades, Add-ons and Renovations to Existing Marketing Ecosystems for Enhanced 


Strategy + Technology + People + Processes = Results.