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Marketing is now Technical Discipline. HELP w/ Marketing Technology is a Consultancy and Project Leadership team focused on helping companies understand, design, and implement their strategies, technology and processes to achieve transformative Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience capabilities within and/or for your organization.

Working w/ HELP

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is your Process in working with a Client on their Marketing Technology needs?
In the simplest terms, we offer our clients a far more thorough Process then a technology vendor or advertising agency can deliver to you. We built this website and other support materials to help you better understand our approach, it's value and explain in detail how our proprietary Process-Step Methodology works and is better for you.
Does HELP only consult on client projects or actually perform the work to build and operate Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystems?
We are capable of completing the entire Design + Build Process. HELP w/ Marketing Technology can be as hands-on as you want, including all the way up to fully operating your entire Marketing and Sales efforts. All we ask is that you go through at least our first Evaluation phase with us before determining the best mix of in-house and outsourced responsibilities to create optimal results and efficiencies for your type of organization.
How long does all this wonderful HELP w/ Marketing Technology Process-Step Methodology take to start bearing results?
Think of it as Building a House. We act on your behalf like an Architect and General Contractor and strive to unite all stakeholders through a set of Ecosystem Blueprints that eliminate most elements of uncertainty. From the date of our first meeting, expect that we will be part of the process for at least four to six months and longer if you want to take advantage of HELP’s range of Managed Marketing, Sales, Creative and Technology services.
How much will our completed Marketing and Sales Ecosystem cost?

The Short Answer:

We seek clients who embrace the benefits of a thorough and holistic design process including the evaluation, plan, design-build, use and enhancement project phases. Our Process works with you to determine actual costs rather than charge a flat-fee monthly retainer. There are exceptions, but based on experience and current MarTech application pricing we think our clients need to budget for at least $60k worth of first year costs including software licenses and application usage fees to fully establish their Online Footprint. 

The Answer is in the Process:

Working together on Cost Determination and Ecosystem Management Responsibility is present in every Step of HELP w/ Marketing Technology client engagement process. Client Projects are approved at three logical breakpoints along the way. We start by leading your team in discussions for fact finding, which in turn allows your team to form your own conclusions and select from different Ecosystem options and plan well in advance for their associated costs.

Through the Evaluation to Planning Process Step Phases of HELP’s methodology we arrive at key decision breakpoints on your Ecosystem’s scope and construction plans. These Go, Modify and Go and No Go checkpoints in HELP’s process give the client the right to halt the engagement and take ownership of all elements in the design process created up until that point.

At the conclusion of the Ecosystem Design Phase, the Client is presented with a multi-layer Blueprint digital document that aligns the entire project's scope with your organization's unique qualities prior to any construction or application usage fee agreements commencing.

We don’t do boilerplate proposals!

What is better about the results a client should expect from HELP w/ Marketing Technology versus other vendor / partner options?

From the start we approach the Client engagement with a different mentality and type of plan-in-hand. We think about your Organization's Composition from at least ten different perspectives that in the end affect the overall success of a Marketing Technology Implementation. Like any other type of Ecosystem certain Elements need to present to achieve Growth, we know what they are and how to find, measure, source, build and interconnect these key ingredients.

Having been through many of our own Marketing and Sales Technology implementations (as clients, staff and consultants) we knew what to include in our Process Step Methodology when designing it. We also know the cause and detrimental effects of missing or low-quality contributions to the Ecosystem components from Technology, Strategy, People and Processes and how to address them at any stage.

We know more about Technology than most Advertising Agencies, even the “Digital” ones;  and we know  more about Marketing and Sales Strategy leadership then the majority of Information Technology VARs (Value Added Resellers).

And probably most importantly... if you have been through these technology intensive implementations before; with HELP you will have us as a single General Contractor to assign blame if your Marketing or Technology fails to produce its promised results.  

No more vendors' fingers pointing in two different directions at the same time with your staff stuck in limbo.


See how HELP w/ Marketing Technology can help you grow revenue and deliver better customer experiences.