Content is Your Online Credibility.

The effectiveness of your Marketing and Sales Lead Generation efforts through the Inbound Marketing and Sales Methodology is very closely tied to your ability to consistently produce remarkable Content. This Content also needs to be staged to match different phases of the Buyer’s Journey and drive Interactions to create a favorable Brand Experience and Purchase.

Content types vary widely even though currently about 50% of Content produced for Inbound Marketing is text-based as Blogs, eBooks, Guides and Newsletters. Any company that has attempted the monthly Newsletter regime knows how difficult it is to consistently write, edit and publish the newsletter on a regular basis. Multiple that Newsletter challenge by two Blogs a week, Daily Social Media updates, a Monthly eBook and Quarterly Video Product News Report and you start to get an idea of the workload magnitude a sound Content Marketing Strategy demands.

A written Content Strategy and Editorial Production Calendar are essential steps in creating an effective Content-Based Marketing effort. Many Companies and Vendors skip this step and a direct correlation can be see in the lack of effectiveness of their Marketing efforts without establishing a consistent and growing online Brand Presence. Marketing Automation suites like Hubspot have become indispensable applications for posting, monitoring and measuring thousands of pieces of content and customer interactions simultaneously.


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