Understanding and Using Data Flows

If there was a single currency that flows through a Marketing and Sales Ecosystem it is Data. Think of Data as the answers to the questions you most want to know about your potential and current customers. This includes their names, contact information, which of your products interest them the most and the details of their plans make a purchase of yours or a competitor's product. Thinking through how you manage your Data, how to Capture more of it and how best to Act upon it is only possible with a well thought out Marketing Ecosystem that advances both the Knowledge Gain of the Consumers Preferences and advances the same individuals through what has become a very Non-linear Buyer's Journey.

Proper Data Management includes understanding many different facets of Information Technology. It's common for someone new to the topic to wreck months of planning with a single inaccurate introduction of a new Data source into an existing CRM or Marketing Automation Application. HELP w/ Marketing Technology understands these guideline and can help you prevent expensive mistakes and work with you over time to create more and more predictive data-sets. This process starts with an inventory of common existing data-sets such as customer lists, accounting information and Email address books. You must be thinking about both where the data is coming from and where it will reside in the future. The concept of a “single point or source of truth” needs to be maintained throughout the Client’s Ecosystem design if the Information is going to be relied upon for management decision making. It also needs to be determined who will be responsible for Data Quality and Hygienics going forward, with some types of information becoming inaccurate at the rate of over 35% per year on average.


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