We Love Ecosystems!!

If a Blueprint is a guide for making something happen exactly as intended, then HELP w/ Marketing Technology has created a Blueprint-like methodology for leading clients through a Digital Transformation to construct their Marketing and Sales Technology Ecosystem. In this context we use the term Ecosystem to describe the People, Technology, Strategies and Processes interacting for a common set of overarching goals, including growing an organization's awareness, market value and brand longevity.

In use HELP thinks an Ecosystem should be considered in six project phases reaching certain conclusions by the end of each phase. These phases are Evaluate, Plan, Design, Build, Use, Enhance. Spread across the six Project Phases is the development of ten Strategy Groups that are essential to master to become a successful Digital Marketer. We use a Cloud-based Project Management application to manage over thirty guiding Process-Steps with accompanying digitally-based Work Collaboration Documents, which sequence Task assignment, Start / End Dates and Allocated versus Actual hours worked through nearly one hundred client Ecosystem components / options.

HELP w/ Marketing Technology’s Proprietary Process-Step Methodology offers clients the ability to create the most effective Ecosystem Each Marketing Ecosystem is a one of a kind design influenced by the stakeholders who participated in its creation. The Iterative Design-Build approach ensures the speed to market, accuracy and increasingly more efficient results are produced by the Business insights generated from your Ecosystem.


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