Being Found in a VERY Large Forest 

In the context of HELP’s Process-Step Methodology, “Promotion” is anything we do to increase the visibility and reach of the Online Content we create to promote Brand Awareness, Brand Engagement and/or advances the Consumer through the Buyer’s Journey. Most of this Promotion requires an investment of time and capital to activate the strategies we recommend to become successful.

Online Promotion comes in many forms, what works great for one type of company, will not work in a different Industry or market. Promotion also covers both the paid and organic spectrum. Understanding the dynamics and performance for different types of Content with different types of Promotion and in multitude of communication channels is a fundamental concept behind Inbound, Online and Content Marketing. Experience and Real-world testing are the only accurate way to plan your time and money invested in Content and Promotional tactics.

Developing a written Content Strategy for each Persona you create is essential step to launching your foray into Digital Lead Generation. Pay Per Click advertising can help launch your new Content Marketing Campaign, but the most efficient and enduring wins will come from building and deploying the right content, in the right channel at the right time during the Buyer’s Journey time and time again. This may sounds like a lot of work, but keep in mind multiple research have proven that Inbound / Content Marketing has become the most cost effective and predictable form of Marketing and Sales Lead Generation for most types of companies.


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