Social Media / Social Marketing Cred

As conducting business becomes more of a Digital Community, Social Media skills are becoming as important as Meeting Presentation Skills. Social Media has many uses in the workplace and as much as some employers consider applications like Facebook a time-waster, Social Media is also capable of making or breaking a Brand’s reputation in the Marketplace. Customer Reviews posted in both the Public Domain and Peer-to-Peer have become an integral part of the shopping consideration and feedback loop process.

A company’s Social Media presence and connections is a currency that can be invested to launch new products and reach the consumer with an ongoing stream of information to create valuable brand engagement and loyalty. Depending if a company is Retail, B2B, Professional Services or Manufacturing will have great bearing on which Social platforms should be focused on and they type of Strategies and Tactics will pay the greatest dividends.

In most cases an organization should plan for someone internally or externally to have a daily focus on the company’s Social Media activities. Much like Content Strategies, there are few firms that truly produce remarkable Social Media, but for those that do it can propel an also-ran company into a market leader with a relatively small financial investment.


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