The Power of an Ecosystem Strategy 

The fact that HELP w/ Marketing Technology LLC is equally versed in Marketing and Technology strategy development makes our team unique in your choice of vendor partners. Strategy is the fuel that drives the Ecosystem’s operation and strives to make the Data insights meaningful for growing the business.

A little history... Since the very first printed advertisement over 500 years ago, Marketing Strategies have suffered from a sizable quotient of uncertainty regarding how much of each placed "Marketing message" reaches the desired recipients and worse, if the message achieved any portion of the indented Marketing results. About twenty years ago things started to change for the better in the way Marketers do their jobs as the focus started to shift towards the billions of internet searches that occur everyday. Meeting the Consumer where they are searching and enjoying time on the Internet has become an increasingly essential and data rich proposition.

There are many (1,800+) Marketing Technology tools available to help you understand your target consumer's intent and turn their time spent online, searching and in applications to your advantage. That's what Inbound Marketing is all about, but without a comprehensive and unified Ecosystem Strategy to use one or many of these Marketing Technology tools, you will be wasting your time, money and focus.

The most impressive Market, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystems (or Technology Stacks) are comprised of dozens of unique (or single-point) applications. These large Marketing Ecosystems first began appearing in use at multi-million dollar B2B and B2C advertisers and more recently within the offices of far more mainstream businesses of all sizes. The implementation mistakes (aka, cutting-edge learning experiences) of these early-adopters have be well documented.

HELP w/ Marketing Technology understands the causes of these pitfalls and knows how to prevent them from happening to you. We stress these hard-earned lessons throughout the entire Process-Step Methodology approach we have designed. Investing a bit more time upfront in needs evaluation and sound strategy development for the many facets of an Ecosystem pays big dividends in the long run.


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