w/ HELP Our Support is Built-In

The integrations of applications such as CRM with Marketing Automation to create the foundation of an Ecosystem requires a lot of care, feeding and understanding of its structure and data flow. Most vendors sell you an initial system implementation and follow-up after the initial purchase with some type of ongoing support agreement.

HELP w/ Marketing Technology takes an entirely different approach. First, our Blueprint Documentation Process gives your team an inherently better understand of the structure and inner workings of your Ecosystem from its Launch. Second, we don’t have cookie-cutter support plans. HELP and its Clients work together to determine who is going to do what based on each of the ten Strategy Groups. These Service Level Agreements (SLA) spell out what percentage of responsibility from 0% to 100% falls on each parties shoulders. In each of the six Phases of the Ecosystem we and the client have the opportunity to reevaluate its commitments to the SLA’s and adjust accordingly if any areas of the Ecosystem’s needs to perform as expected are not being met. Last, but not least, none of our Contracts or Service Level Agreements ever Auto-renew.

We strive for long-term partnerships with our clients but never want a client to feel they are stuck in an agreement with us just to get our HELP with their Marketing and Sales Ecosystem.


See how HELP w/ Marketing Technology can help you grow revenue and deliver a better customer experience.